Tuesday, 25 January 2011

BBC News - UK economy suffers 0.5% contraction

At a time when the IMF are forecasting better than expected growth in the world economy the UK economy has suffered a 0.5% contraction. The Office for national Statistics reports that, even allowing for the atrocious weather in December, the economy has still experienced a 0% growth.

The figures have been described as “horrendous” and “disastrous” but when he was interviewed today on the BBC News Channel the Chancellor, George (Oik) Osborne, could only talk about the weather. It is a dreadfully awkward and obvious piece of political ducking and diving, depressing to watch, but to every question (and there were some good ones) he responded with talk about the weather.

People across industry are describing this government’s strategy as regressive and lacking imagination and direction yet the only thing on George’s mind is the weather and the question, “How can I get away from this intelligent and probing interview?” He has to be the most cack-handed Chancellor in many a long year, a political operative of mediocre qualities at best and his arrogance is matched only by his callous incompetence.

BBC News - UK economy suffers 0.5% contraction

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