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My name is Mike, I have been married to Ann for 40 years, and we have been Christians since 1986. I am a father to two boys and two girls, all very much grown up now, and I have three grandchildren. My main function as an elder in my local Baptist Church is evangelism, discipleship and teaching, and I am currently taking the lead in introducing Christianity Explored and Discipleship Explored into the church, as well as occasionally preaching and doing my best to be useful.

We were Mormons many years ago and I talk about that on my other blog, The Mormon Chapbook. We wrote a book about our own experiences and aimed at taking a look at Mormonism from a British perspective. If you think it might be useful you can get it from the Reachout Trust web site.

These days I am an Evangelical Christian believer who trusts the Bible as the Word of God. With the Spirit's help we can know God's purposes from his Word. I encourage people to open their Bibles regularly, read them often, and know God's Word for themselves. You will find truth in its words, wisdom in its counsel, and hope and assurance in its trustworthy promises.

The purpose of this blog is to look at the world through Christian eyes, discuss it in Christian terms, and find at least some answers and insights to the questions this world poses. Drop in any time you fancy a  cuppa and a chat and if you find chatting helpful why not make it a regular thing. I'm always around, ready to pop the kettle on.

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