Friday, 4 March 2011

BBC News - Clegg defiant despite Lib Dems' slump in Barnsley poll

Nick CleggYour going to fall out of bed in a minute Nick Clegg.Sleepy smile
Nick Clegg has said people should not "write off" the Lib Dems despite the party slumping to sixth place in the Barnsley Central by-election.
The party finished behind UKIP, the BNP and an independent as its share of the vote dropped to just over 4%.
Labour, which won the poll on a 36% turnout, said voters had sent a "very clear message" to Mr Clegg about their dislike of his role in the coalition.
Think about it for a moment. This by-election was triggered because the Labour incumbent was convicted of expenses fraud.Devil Yet the Liberals couldn’t do better than the Nazis (BNP) and someone who was practically a passer-by (an independent candidate did better).Disappointed smile Meanwhile, the Labour Party, despite being under a cloud over the corruption charges, increased their majority.Winking smile
People have already written you off Nick. I am no expert but maybe its the lies and broken promises. Or maybe it was that puppy dog look on your face as you followed David Cameron into Downing Street on a promise.Secret telling smile  Wake up Nick! They’ve stamped “MUG on your forehead while you weren’t looking; and you made it so easy for them.Mug
BBC News - Clegg defiant despite Lib Dems' slump in Barnsley poll

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