Saturday, 30 March 2013

Jesus is Alive!

He is Risen

Never was there morning quite like this
Whispering reports of resurrection
Never was there day
when everyone can say
Hallelujah! Jesus is alive

Never did a day dawn such as this
Strange reports that death itself is conquered
The tomb lays empty there
Let everyone declare
Hallelujah! Jesus is alive

Death's chains have fallen off
Our sins have been forgiven
A people reconciled to God
we sing, Jesus is alive

Never people lived to see such times
Recall this day and tell it to your children
Future generations
Will join with us in singing
Hallelujah! Jesus is alive

Tell everyone you know
The grave, it couldn't hold Him
The way to God is opened wide
Jesus is alive!

(Lyrics copyright Michael Thomas 2008)

1 comment:

JT said...

great. The absolute 'dead centre' or more likley 'living centre' of the christian faith. NOTHING is more important, NOTHING is more centre stage.